Our small family farm consists of several robust red roosters, about twenty red hens, three orange hens, and several cockerels and pullets with a spectrum of shades of red and orange. The rooster to hen ratio (about 1:3) provides these eggs with a good fertility rate. They are collected every day and are guaranteed unwashed and fresh (no more than a few days old).

The eggs are carefully individually wrappped in generous amounts of bubble wrap to ensure better shipping protection. We also label the boxes with brightly colored hatching egg warnings, although we cannot guarantee no shipping damages.

The roosters are great with kids, and the hens are very tame as well. They even set on their eggs and have great fertility rates, while being awesome mothers. The hen pictured above hatched eggs in the middle of June with a great fertility rate.

We take pride in giving plenty of space for our chickens, as our chickens spend all day in lush grass and woods. This provides healthy hens, which in turn makes healthy chicks.

Make sure the eggs sit at room temperature for 24 hours large end up before incubation. Follow all the instructions on your incubator, and have some good luck hatching
One dozen (12 eggs) fertile hatching eggs. This is your chance to get a variety of the best egg layers. The Farmers Choice *will include White Leghorns, Plymouth Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red. These eggs come from show quality stock, you will not be displeased. Wonderful coloring, very mild temperament and THE BEST EGG LAYERS . These are perfect for adding to your farm or backyard flock. Eggs are gathered fresh after payment is made. Orders will typically ship Monday through Thursday due to postal restrictions.

We do not guarantee hatching rates or fertility. There is risk involved with shipping eggs. Buyers assume full responsibility for when placing their orders. Please understand that we do our best to ship you the highest quality hatching eggs but can not guarantee the results. EVEN THE MOST EXPERIENCED PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES IN HATCHING EGGS. WE DO NOT OFFER ANY REFUNDS OR RETURNS. BUY EGGS AT YOUR OWN RISK. IT IS SUGGESTED THAT YOU OPEN YOUR ORDER AT YOUR LOCAL POST OFFICE SO THEY CAN INSPECT FOR DAMAGES

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Rhode Island Red Hatching Eggs

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Rhode Island Red Chicken Hatching Eggs. These are the old Heritage RIR. The best dual purpose chicken ever breed. They are raised in all climates from Alaska to Mexico. They lay 5 to 6 nice large eggs a week and are a excellent eating chicken. We free range are birds but they do tolerate confinement as well. Roosters 8 to 9 lbs. Hens 6 to 7 lbs. If you want a chicken that lays a lot of eggs and is very good to eat this is your breed.

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