Bearded silkie hatching eggs with a possibility of frizzle silkie. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Up for auction are 6 plus bearded silkie hatching eggs and frizzle possibility from my fun pen. Buff, partridge crele, white, black, grey frizzle and paint! I will send extras when I have them. Shipped with USPS priority with $50 insurance. I only ship Monday through Wednesday. Due to conditions beyond my control I cannot make any guarantees in regards to your hatching success but I can guarantee the eggs will be fresh and fertile! Please contact me before leaving any negative or neutral feedback so that I can work with you to resolve any issues that could arise. We have a 90% hatch rate on our silkie farm. Please allow your unwrapped eggs to rest 24 hours before placing into the incubator

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Silkie Hatching Eggs

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Below is only an example of what you might find here. From time to time the inventory changes often!!


8 Bearded Silkie Hatching Eggs (NPIP Certified)! My pen includes: White,Black,Light grey,Dark grey,Paint,Buff,Splash and Partridge! This listing is for 8 bearded silkie hatching eggs.

6 Silkie Hatching Eggs (Assorted Colors)

NPIP Certified

**Quality, beautiful silkiehatching eggs. I have assorted pens and some color separate pens. My silkies are offspring from a show-quality bearded line and are buff, white, black, paint, partridge, splash, and blue. They are of docile nature and desirable temperaments.

**guaranteed fertile, clean, and fresh. Myself and others have had 100% hatching rates. While I can offer tips and methods for hatching and raising your chicks, please note I cannot guarantee what happens after they leave my care. I safely pack them and ship them USPS priority. I recommend you have them held for pickup at your local post office.

We do our best to pack them securely but are not responsible for the package once placed into the USPS system. No guarantees are given and replacements are not given. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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