6+ Black Mottled Hatching Eggs Smooth and Frizzle. From this breeding pen, you will hatch pure black mottled bantam Cochin. You will love these babies, not only are they beautiful to look at, they're super friendly with great personalities

My incubators and brooders are full! Get them while they're available!!

**Please read description BEFORE bidding!***

Offered are 12 Black/Blue Cochin hatching eggs from large fowl (LF) show quality birds! The quality of these birds speak for themselves! Many birds hatched from my flock have placed well at shows across the US, however, I can not guarantee that chicks hatched will be show worthy. Chicks will hatch either Black or Blue. I will ship extras if possible!


My Cochins are kept trimmed for increased fertility; however, I CANNOT and DO NOT guarantee your hatch rate! Your hatching results may vary from 100%-0% from eggs that are shipped. This is what you are agreeing to when you bid on anyone's shipped eggs including mine!! If you are not willing to risk the outcome do not bid! I DO guarantee that eggs will be properly handled, stored, and packaged to increase your chances of a good hatch but ultimately have no further control once they leave my possession. I also guarantee that eggs will be no older than 3 days at shipping with most being laid the day of shipping.



Eggs will be shipped within 3 days of received payment (excluding weekends or holidays) or your money back!! Eggs will be wrapped in bubble wrap and packaged securely in a large Priority Mail mailing box. The box will be marked on all sides ***FRAGILE HATCHING EGGS*** and mailed Priorty Mail. If you do not want the box marked you must message me through Ebay. ***If you want to pick up the box at your PO you will need to message me your phone number. *** Priority Mail is usually delivered within 3 days; however, I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTAL DELAYS!!


Please make payment promptly as eggs are time sensitive. If you are unable to pay within 48 hrs of auction close do not bid!

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Cochin Hatching Eggs

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Below is only an example of what you might find here. From time to time the inventory changes often!!


Cochin Hatching Eggs Frizzle Blue Bantam Cochin Hatching Eggs 6+ NPIP

Silkie / Coaching Hatching Eggs 6 Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Due to the nature of shipped eggs, we are unable to guarantee the success rate of your hatch or transit times. We ship everything priority mail and collect eggs fresh just for you. Please allow upto 14-21 days for your item to be shipped. Typically they get out faster then this, however this time of year we may have very cold days where they don’t lay or bad thunderstorms as well that will keep them from laying for a few days. Although rare, we try to quote higher times and hopefully deliver faster.

Silkie hen and SILKIE rooster as well as a silkie rooster and a bantam Cochin hens. The silkies have a blue female with a lavender and white rooster. well to keep specific breeding conditions controlled (don’t worry they’re big ole happy pens).

Due to the nature of shipped eggs we can not guarantee your hatch rates or how items are handled in transit and can not make refunds

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