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100x Rare Dwarf Banana Tree Bulk Seeds Mini Bonsai Tropical Fruits Potted Plants How to grow a banana at home from seeds: First soak seeds for at least a day in warm water several times replacing it. When hard shell softens slightly, it should be slightly scratch with nail files or emery paper, or a chipped great needle, trying not to damage the core. This process is called mechanical scarification facilitates germination of those seeds which, as in the case of banana, protected by a very strong shell. The main reasons why you need to be more independent How to focus on the main goals and principles? 15 reasons why you still aren't successful Planting seeds Next grow banana from seeds at home as follows: to prepared plant seeds in a mixture of sand and peat to a depth not exceeding their size, and find the container a bright and warm place heated to about 30º C (on the battery), cover it with glass and making sure the soil is always slightly damp. Perhaps in these mini-teplichku 2-3 weeks after sprouts appear, but it is possible that you have to have patience and to wait a little longer, sometimes up to 10 weeks. However, emerging sprouts grow very quickly. After emergence of the seedlings have 2-3 leaves, they can swoop down in a separate container. In the first year of life of a banana will have to repeatedly replant, each time choosing a bigger pot and putting the plant a little deeper than in previous times – it promotes the formation of additional roots. It is necessary to arrange on the bottom of the pot for good drainage and use for planting neutral soil. Package Included: 100pcs Mini Banana seeds

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