10+ Rainbow Ameraucana Hatching Eggs. Condition is "New". Shipped with USPS Priority Mail.

Our Ameraucana are a beautiful, genetically diverse mixed color flock of over 100 birds. The hens are great layers of large misty blue and minty green eggs. The vibrantly colored roosters are fast growing and docile. Most are cold-hardy with small, frost-resistant combs. Our colors include red-brown, wheaten, silver, white, black, blue, blue birchen, chocolate, mauve, and lavender with fine penciling, laced, partridge, spangled, mottled, and splash feather patterns. All have slate or olive green legs and bushy beards and muffs.

All are beautiful birds kept for exceptional feather color patterns and balanced confirmation for dual-purpose use. All of our Ameraucana roosters (~20 in the flock at this time) have full beards and slate or (rarely) olive colored legs. We have 2-4 roosters in each of the colors shown - blue or lavender laced, red and blue laced, blue and gold, rust-blue-gold, blue birchen, and silver-laced.

We keep only the first 20-30 hatchers of each of our 150 egg batches for our flock (to maintain vigorous hatching traits), and we regularly add exceptional birds and/or brightly colored hatching eggs to our flock from a variety of outside sources as a wide gene pool, hatching viability, winter laying, and egg color are our top priorities. If you want to drastically increase your genetics with high quality, colorful, vibrant egg layers these are the eggs for you!

Our fertility is great, with 148/150 viable at first candling.

I ship only the freshest, cleanest, prettiest colored, and nicely shaped eggs I can carefully gather for you. Eggs are no older than 24 hours when they ship (I can pack two dozen per day at this time).

Twelve eggs (10+ guaranteed to arrive in condition for incubating) are packaged in reused/reusable materials such as tissue/newspaper, batting, shipping bubbles to form a 3-6” pad around the exterior of a reusable egg carton in a sturdy lightly used box. Each egg is cushioned with tissue.

Please message immediately after ordering if you want your box marked for PO pickup (I’ll need to mark the box with your phone number).

I use reused materials and pack the eggs securely with compact packaging to save cost and keep shipping and handling prices reasonable for my customers. Last season, of about 20 dozen shipped we had only 1 egg arrive cracked! This season, I’ve shipped 100+ dozen and had eggs broken from only a few orders.

USPS insures up to $50, you may choose to take any broken eggs and packaging to your local post office to file a claim for reimbursement of purchase and shipping expenses as well if you like but I am unable to do this from my end without asking for the return of broken eggs which is just... not realistic! ;D I’m truly sorry that I can no longer simply issue a prompt refund and file the claim based on photos from my end. Please send a message if you would like so see an interior view of my packing method.

Happy hatching!!!

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Ameraucana Hatching Eggs

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Below is only an example of what you might find here. From time to time the inventory changes often!!


Ameraucana Hatching Eggs 6 Rare Exotic Lavender Americana Chicken Hatching Eggs

5+ Blue/Black/Splash Ameraucana Fertile Hatching Eggs

We have been breeding Ameraucana for almost 10 years. Our breeding stock is shown and bred towards the SOP.
We are members of the Ameraucana Alliance and American Poultry Association.

We ship USPS Priority Mail in a well padded box labelled "Fragile".
Great care is taken to package eggs, but once they are with the USPS it is out of our hands. We cannot guarantee hatch rates. We do guarantee eggs will be fresh and arrive in good condition. If for some reason your eggs should arrive broken, send us a picture and we will replace the eggs at no charge provided you pay shipping.

If you prefer your eggs "HELD FOR PICK UP" please let us know and send your phone number - we highly recommend you pick up your eggs at the Post Office. Once eggs arrive we suggest you let them settle for 12 hours pointy end down in a carton.

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