This listing is for 1 Bronze turkey eggs for hatching. Pay only .95 cents shipping on each additional egg purchased. Eggs are collected every day and sent fresh. We test eggs for fertility before start shipping. **Please know before buying that shipped hatching eggs are a risk!, not because they are not fertile, but because delicate membranes in the egg can be damaged during the process and reduce or destroy the eggs viability. Also they can be expressed to harsh conditions, dropped/shacked, anything can happen once they are dropped off at the post office, it's totally out of my control. NOTE: Please check on the weather before buying as the mail carrier may have delays on delivery, I would recommend to buy from your closest area as possible.

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Royal Palm Turkey Hatching eggs.

I have 4 Hens to 1 Tom.

**Please READ ALL of This, or Don't Order From Me**

*have your incubator or broody hen, before you order*

**How it works**

A Tom mates with a Hen, she stores all the sperm in her oviduct, as her body makes eggs the sperm fertilizes them. She stores the sperm for 2-3weeks, slowly releasing sperm to fertilize each egg. So even after only mating once, she will produce fertilized eggs for weeks.

WITH THAT SAID, I see the mating take place, but I, YOU, or ANYONE ELSE, will never know if every egg is fertile, or if the Tom successfully transfered his sperm during mating. This is why absolutly no one can guarentee fertility, even if they say they do. I put my eggs in an incubator or under a broody hen about once a month, to see if anything develops, thats the only true way to know if THAT PARTICULAR EGG is fertile, but it still does not gurantee every egg.

NOW, in a natural habitat, the hens leave the nest of eggs to grab a bit to eat and get a drink, she moves the eggs around and other birds jump in the nest to lay an egg, and some times kick out those eggs ment for hatching, MEANING, eggs get knocked around and shaken up, this is the same thing to expect during shipping a box of eggs.. The hen returns to the nest and gathers the run-a-way eggs back into her nest, and sits on them for hours n hours (this is the same we ask of shipped eggs, LET THEM REST so the yokes and air sacks can settle.

**I have tested the theory of frozen and cold eggs being good for hatching** I have even tested eggs held for 30days (still hatchable).

My girls still go broody in the winter (and we have very hard, cold, long winters in Massachusetts) all my eggs still hatch just the same. I have stored eggs in the frig for 2 weeks, took them out, let them rest until they got to room temp, and placed them in the incubator, and guess what, they hatched!

I have gathered frozen eggs that were outaide in 20degrees, and still hatched them. So don't fall for the "refrigerated eggs kill the eggs".

And if your in an area with humidity, taking eggs out of a frig to get to room temp, will get covered in condensation, i put the eggs in a paper egg carton, and drape a papertowel over them, i do not wipe the eggs down. Once they are dry, i start the incubator.

***I have also tested the "dirty egg" myth. My girls love to eat an egg left in a nesting box. Well that makes a mess of the other eggs in the nest. I gathered the eggs covered in yoke and egg white, let them dry (i did not wash them off and i did not wipe them off) and guess what, i hatched them too.

Feedback impacts an ebay business, rate on packaging at time of arrival, and not "your" hatch rate, as i can not hatch them for you.

***BE READY before you order***

I will be happy to work with you if you have a few questions, but please research how to get a successful hatch rate from "shipped eggs". Every incubator has its own setting, and I am not the manufacturer, so i do not know how they all operate.

I can never assume the post office handled your package properly, and I can never know if you know, how to candle an egg or help a chick out of an egg properly, or when to step in to help a chick out, dont let your incubator go quiet, but also know some chicks need an extra day. Its a guessing game on if you should even open an incubator in the final days, sometimes I do, sometimes I dont. Sometimes Im glad I did, sometimes I loose a chick because I jumped in too quickly to help.. I have gotten bad reviews from people that thought since an egg was "layed" on a Thurday, they can candle it when it arrived in the mail at 7 days old and say the egg never developed and say the egg is dead. Well guess what, eggs dont start developing the day it was layed, it starts developing when the "right conditions" are intruduced to it. I learned years ago by watching videos on line and going through dozens of mail ordered eggs, before finaly learning how to get a successful hatch rate from mail ordered eggs... I personaly spent over $300 on 5 different ebay ordered eggs, before finaly getting the 5 turkeys i have today. So yes, its mind numbing and frustrating, it sucks to loose money and feel like your waisting your time, but now I have the 5 turkeys I have today, and can make money to feed them and care for their habitat, and show off. Plus we get to feed our selves and make as many as we want for others and eggs for you... We have made our money back and put meals on our friends and families tables and our own. You can too.

If you do not understand the risk of mail ordered egg hatching, please do not order


Find all the info that you need about " csempe " at Csempe Kert with https://transvidiacsempebolt.hu shop.

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turkey eggs Narragansett Turkey fertile hatching eggs. These eggs will be collected during the auction and are very fresh. I should have the 6 and will hopefully send any bonuses I get as well. Planning to ship the Monday after auction ends, and will contact you if anything prevents that. 99% of the time I ship the day after auction. Narragansetts are a heritage breed turkey. They make very good yard birds (docile, friendly, nice to other livestock) and will happily raise their own brood if allowed to set. I've tried many types of turkey over the years and these are by far my favorite. Mildest tempered, quick growing, and great mommas. These eggs are from 2 and 3 year old hens who have already raised some young this year and have BEGAN LAYING AGAIN! Great genes :) (Often once they raise their young they're done for the year.) Tested bi-weekly to ensure viability. My males are continuing to do their job. I have 2 males I rotate on a weekly basis - and they're always quite ready to get back with their women. Males are unrelated to my hens.

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