1. DURABLE MATERIAL - Made of PC and ABS, material is durable for long-term use; harmless material for eggs/poultry.
2. LARGE CAPACITY - Dividers adjustable to fit different kinds of eggs; can hold 9 ordinary chicken/duck eggs or 16 pigeon/quail eggs. Goose, owl, parrot, swallow eggs appropriate.
3. FULL AUTOMATION - Eggs can be automatically turned for even heat allowance; thermostat setting maintains embryo health. Built-in water channels control humidity level, excellent air circulation capacity for great hatching success.
4. EASY TO CLEAN - The incubator includes a main container, 2 sieve trays, and a frame with 4 adjustable dividers; easy to install and disassemble, and convenient to clean.
5. WIDE USAGE - Ideal for home and school use, educational activities, or laboratory settings. Especially perfect for survivalists, small commercial farmers, budget-conscious poultry hobbyists, chicken lovers, etc. Easy to use for children and beginners.

- Material: PC+ABS
- Voltage: 100-120V/50-60HZ
- Power: <60W
- Temperature Range: Room temperature&#65374;40C(0.1)
- Size: 10.2''(L) x 6.5''(W) x 14.2''(H)
- Weight: 4.84lb
- Eggs Capacity: 9-12

Recommendation for incubating:
Chicken: Incubating time 21 days, incubation period Temp 38.0C(0.5), humidity(%) 55-70, embryonic period Temp 37.5C(0.5), humidity(%) 65-85;
Duck: Incubating time 28 days, incubation period Temp 37.8C(0.5), humidity(%) 60-75, embryonic period Temp 37.3C(0.5), humidity(%) 65-85;
Goose: Incubating time 30 days, incubation period Temp 37.6C(0.5), humidity(%) 65-80, embryonic period Temp 37.1C(0.5), humidity(%) 65-85;
Dove: Incubating time 18 days, incubation period Temp 38.5C(0.5), humidity(%) 55-70, embryonic period Temp 37.8C(0.5), humidity(%) 65-85

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Digital Egg Incubator Hatcher Temperature Control Automatic Turning Chicken 24 egg Local Shipping from the United States, Fast Delivery Water inlet design is easy to fill water. Temperature display panel is for better temperature control. Humidity display panel is for better humidity control. Hatching days display to save your time for remembering or worry about forgetting. Button on panel with image is easy to operate. External power jack is durable without electric leakage. Inside fan can dissipate heat evenly with low noise and power consumption. Separated sinks can reduce vapor caused by the oxidation of accessories. Will alarm automatically when the humidity and temperature are higher than normal for safe use. Suitable for hatching chicken, duck, quail or other poultry and birds eggs.

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