I'm a member of SCNA (Serama Council of North America, NPIP and AI clean. My Seramas come from three well known breeders in the United States and from the original importer from 2001.


I will send extra eggs if available and I will not send any eggs that are abnormal or from pullets in their first clutch. The extra eggs will be a day or two older then the others, but I keep all my eggs in a controlled 65 degrees with the humidity around 45%. This keeps my eggs fresh and fertile for a longer time period. I will send you the same quality eggs I have in my incubator.


I ask that you leave feedback on receipt of your eggs. I'm not responsible for hatch rates due to circumstances beyond my control such as postal handling, x-ray, late shipments by P.O., incubator conditions, etc.

My eggs are individually wrapped in bubble wrap and layered in shredded shavings, etc prior to boxing. This will ensure maximum protection for your eggs during shipping. I can guarantee that your eggs arrive intact or a refund on a per-egg bases.

The original importer of Serama, Jerry Schexnayder, reports average hatch of 45-60% on fertile, non-shipped eggs. Serama by nature are a fragile bird and much more difficult to hatch than the average bantam.

Please only bid if you are well experienced with hatching and understand the expected hatch rates of Serama are much lower than other chickens, and that I make no guarantee as to your results.

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Serama Hatching Eggs

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Below is only an example of what you might find here. From time to time the inventory changes often!!


Serama Hatching Eggs 6+ Hatching Eggs From National Award-Winning "Woodfield Farm" SCNA Judge #55 - NPIP 51-580 RESERVE SCCL, BEST & RESERVE OF BREED, Connecticut 2019 Champion & Reserve Champion Tabletop SCNA District II 2017 Champion & Reserve American Serama Virginia Poultry Fanciers 2017 Champion Black American Serama Cockerel ABA Nationals 2017 Reserve White American Serama Poultry Congress 2018 Champion White Cockerel, Pullet, & Trio at Delmarva Poultry Fanciers 2018 Champion Black Cockerel, Pullet at Delmarva Poultry Fanciers 2018 Champion American Serama New England Bantam Club 2018 Champion White American Serama Cockerel & Hen New England Bantam Club 2018 Champion White Frizzled Lebanon Valley 2018 Reserve Exchequer Lebanon Valley 2018 Reserve White Lebanon Valley 2018 Champion White Hen Ohio Nationals 2018 Reserve Black Hen Ohio Nationals 2018 Champion & Reserve Champion American Serama Virginia Poultry Fanciers 2018 Champion & Reserve Champion Exchequer American Serama N.E.B.C. 2018 Reserve Champion Black American Serama N.E.B.C. 2018 Champion Cock Tabletop ASA Poultry Congress 2019 Champion & Reserve Champion (Reserve of Breed) Black American Serama Poultry Congress 2019 Best of Breed, Champion & Reserve Champion Black at Sussex NJ 2019 Reserve of Breed, Champion Exchequer at Sussex NJ 2019 All Woodfield birds shown tabletop in the 2018 season earned special quality award recognition from both Serama Council of North America and American Serama Association venues.

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