This listing is for fertile hatching eggs of the following varieties of lovely bantams, which are penned separately, so they will be breed true:
Mille Fleur Belgian d'Uccle
Blue Laced Red Wyandotte

You will receive a variety of the two breeds as availability allows. They are sweet and calm and they don't mind being picked up and petted. All of the breeds are friendly and make for an excellent addition to your flock.

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Price is for 6 eggs. We will include at least 1-2 extra eggs free with each order, in the unlikely case of breakage. We wrap each egg individually in bubble wrap inside of a bubble wrap lined box.

Beautiful, fertile hatching eggs from an NPIP certifed Pullorum-Typhoid free flock in Southwest Ohio.

Our Recent Buyer Feedback:

"Every single egg is developing so far. GREAT mix of eggs"

"Shipped with care, every egg and inside of box wrapped, no breakage!"

"GREAT PACKAGING! Great to work with!!! Thank you!!!!"

"Not one egg is broken. Here’s to happy hatching."

"They shipped VERY FAST and was well packaged. More eggs than expected!! Thank U"

We carefully select fresh, healthy-looking, nicely shaped eggs and pack them securely in bubble wrap.

Your eggs will ship 1-3 day Priority Mail depending on your location.

We are currently shipping eggs Mondays thru Wed. This helps to ensure that your order does not sit in the post office over a weekend

Chicken Hatching Eggs

Wyandotte Hatching Eggs

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Below is only an example of what you might find here. From time to time the inventory changes often!!


Wyandotte Hatching Eggs SOME INFO ON HOW THEIR GENETICS WORK TO GET THESE BEAUTIFUL BIRDS....... The andalusian blue responsible for the eye candy on the outer lacing and fluff also allows for 3 different color chicks. Blue Laced Red, Black laced, and splash. Each are gorgeous in their own right and we cannot guarantee you will get more or less of any one color when purchasing.How the Andalusian Blue Gene works For Black, Blue, and Splash (BBS)When breeding with the andalusian blue gene, one mating can give you 3 colors of chicks.The gene for blue is a WYSIWYG gene. The visible plumage color is the color of the genetics. There is no need to do test matings to find out if it is present. The gene is a dominate blue, effecting black only and little effect on red. The blue gene not present is a black bird, one blue gene will change a black bird to blue where 2 blue genes will change black to a whitish bird with splashes of black/blue. If the bird has red in the plumage, the splash color will be shades of black, white and red.To see the colors you get when you breed the 3 different colors of the andulsian blue gene in variation.➢ Black Laced Red x Black Laced Red = 100% Black Laced Red➢ Black Laced Red x Blue Laced Red = 50% Black Laced Red and 50% Blue Laced Red➢ Black Laced Red x Splash = 100% Blue Laced Red➢ Blue Laced Red x Blue Laced Red = 25% Black Laced Red, 50% Blue Laced Red and 25% Splash➢ Blue Laced Red x Splash = 50% Blue Laced Red and 50% Splash ➢ Splash x Splash = 100% Splash.

Our chickens are happy and healthy, beautiful Blue Red Laced, Silver Laced and Gold Laced Wyandottes. Our roosters are Blue Red laced and our hens are Blue Red, Silver and Gold laced.

Blue Laced Red is one of our most popular Wyandotte varieties! Due to the genetics of the blue plumage color, the "blue" in the blue lacing will actually be what's known as BBS, which means they lay chicks that are blue red, black red and/or splash laced. Baby chicks that hatch out from our flock are a variety of colors and are truly stunning!

Wyandottes have a heavy body, which makes them a great dual purpose choice, some people like to raise them for meat. They have a small rose comb, which makes them perfect for cold climates because they are not prone to frostbite. The hens are hardy, energetic and fantastic layers.

Our farm is NPIP certified. They have been tested by the Dept. of Agriculture for Salmonella Pullorum and Avian flu.

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